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Project Title: "Multi-Platform Social Media Management"

Project Description

“Multi-Platform Social Media Management” is an extensive project that evaluates your social media management skills across various platforms. In this project, you will use your personal accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and WhatsApp to plan, execute, and analyze a comprehensive social media management campaign. You will have 10 hours to create and manage content, engage with audiences, and provide insights into your strategy. This project serves as a practical showcase of your social media management expertise.

Project Task

You will be tasked with managing a social media campaign across the following platforms:

Facebook: Create and manage a Facebook Page to represent a fictional business or personal brand. Post content, engage with followers, and optimize the page.
Instagram: Set up and manage an Instagram profile for the same business or brand. Create visually appealing posts, stories, and use appropriate hashtags to increase visibility.
Twitter: Manage a Twitter account for real-time updates, customer engagement, and sharing relevant content.
LinkedIn: Optimize a LinkedIn profile for a professional brand or business presence. Share industry insights, connect with professionals, and participate in discussions.
TikTok: Create and manage a TikTok account to create short-form video content related to the brand. Utilize trending challenges and engage with the TikTok community.
WhatsApp: Leverage WhatsApp for direct messaging with potential customers or clients. Showcase effective communication skills and customer engagement.

Key Objectives

Develop a content calendar and posting schedule for each platform.
Engage with the audience through comments, direct messages, and discussions.
Monitor analytics and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, reach, and follower growth.
Provide insights and recommendations for optimizing social media strategy.

Project Requirements

Utilize your personal accounts on the specified platforms.
Compile all project files, including links to posts, screenshots, content calendars, and analytics reports, into a single ZIP file.

Evaluation Criteria

Your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Data Integration: How effectively you integrated the provided sales dataset into your project.
Interactive Visualization: The quality and interactivity of data visualizations.
Data Exploration: The depth and accuracy of your data exploration, including summary statistics and data profiling.
Dashboard Design: The usability, layout, and aesthetics of the dashboard.
Filtering and Interaction: The implementation of interactive features for data exploration.
Data Storytelling: Your ability to communicate meaningful insights and trends in the sales data.
Responsive Design: How well your dashboard adapts to different screen sizes and devices.
Data Privacy: The measures taken to protect data privacy and security.


After completing the social media management tasks, zip all project files into a single ZIP file. Then, upload the ZIP file through the submission form provided on the internship page. Ensure that your social media management efforts are well-documented and reflect your expertise in managing diverse social media platforms.

This “Multi-Platform Social Media Management” project allows you to showcase your ability to effectively manage and optimize social media presence across various platforms. Enjoy the experience of building and nurturing a strong social media presence for your portfolio.