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Graphics Design Project: "Creative Branding Revamp"

Project Description

The “Creative Branding Revamp” project offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your graphic design skills by revitalizing the visual identity of an existing brand. In this 10-hour project, you will take an established brand and infuse it with fresh creativity, designing new visual assets to enhance its appeal. Your task is to create a captivating brand logo, redesign product packaging, and develop promotional materials that breathe new life into the brand’s image.

Project Objectives

Brand Logo Redesign: Reimagine and redesign the brand’s logo, giving it a modern and captivating look while maintaining its essence.
Product Packaging Revamp: Create new packaging designs for the brand’s products, ensuring they align with the refreshed visual identity.
Promotional Materials: Develop promotional materials, such as posters, flyers, or social media graphics, that showcase the brand’s revitalized image.
Visual Consistency: Ensure that all new design elements adhere to the brand’s color scheme, typography, and overall style.

Project Requirements

Utilize graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or any preferred tool) for the logo redesign and other design tasks.
Provide high-resolution design files for the logo, product packaging, and promotional materials.

Evaluation Criteria

Your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Logo Redesign: The quality and creativity of your redesigned logo while retaining the brand’s identity.
Product Packaging: The appeal and cohesiveness of the redesigned product packaging in line with the brand’s new visual identity.
Promotional Materials: The effectiveness and visual impact of promotional materials in revitalizing the brand’s image.
Visual Consistency: How well all design elements maintain a consistent and refreshed visual identity for the brand.


Upon completion, submit all design files, including the redesigned logo, product packaging, and promotional materials. Organize these files into a single zip archive for uploading on this interview page.

This “Creative Branding Revamp” project allows you to showcase your graphic design skills by breathing new life into an established brand’s visual identity. Enjoy the creative process of revitalizing a brand through design!